Build Your Own Jubblie Display

hitozumadisplaysafeforworkdisplay.jpg Remember this? Rather, remember these? Sure ya do! Now, you can build your own embarrasing display. That's right, you too can lovingly craft a saggy Married Women Harem display to impress friends and family. Here's what you need:

• Sheet of A3-size printer paper • Color printer • Pair of breast-shaped sponges • Bra • Glue • Box cutter • Needle and thread

Breast-shaped sponges? What do breast-shaped sponges look like? Your totally NSFW answer after the jump! (Along with the how-to's exciting conclusion.)opop1.jpg

1. Print the background illustration on A3 size paper using the provided PDF 2. Glue the printed sheet to the foam board and cut around the character outline 3. Glue the sponges to the board, aligning with the lower edge of the breasts and trimming to the proper size 4. Mount the bra over the sponges and sew it in place.

And let's face it, if you have to ask where you can buy breast-shaped sponges, these instructions are probably not directed at you. How to Here [NSFW via Heisei Democracy]


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