Bushnell Defines "Pure, Unadulterated Trash" Gaming

lil_bushnell_face.jpgWhen Atari and Chuck E. Cheese founder Nolan Bushnell was recently interviewed, he lamented that the current crop of video games were competing in a "race to the bottom" and that they were "pure, unadulterated trash". The GameTap guys got in touch with Mr. Bushnell to find out what exactly was the root of his crankiness. Surely, not all games are pure, unadulterated trash. Nolan? "I have consistently been concerned about is sort of the repetition and the lack of innovation," he responded, later adding "as much as I applaud the beautiful, fantastic production guys of Halo 3, it's really Doom 1 in different clothing".

Bushnell clarifies his stance on innovation later, claiming that too much of what's published today is "just bigger, faster, better".

Nolan saves the real venom for the Grand Theft Auto series, saying that it "values antisocial behavior" and the particular title at which he heaps his most scorn.

Fortunately, the uWink business man doesn't loathe all games. He praises games like Dance Dance Revolution, Tetris, Guitar Hero and Spore, alongside the Wii, as beacons of innovation. He may be cranky, but he may also have a point on some counts.

Kill the Editors! [GameTap]


    Most classical symphonies have four movements. Does this make them all, barring the first, derivative trash? According to Bushnell, yes. Yes it does.

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