Call of Duty 4 PC Demo Any Minute Now

codpcdemo.jpgOver at Yahoo!'s Call of Duty 4 Launch Central page they're gearing up to go live with the single player PC demo of the game in a few short minutes. The 1.4GB download is scheduled to premier at 9AM Pacific, which is noon for my East Coast brothers and sisters. The demo features a full level of the singleplayer game for you to wander about shooting stuff in. The catch? The demo is a timed exclusive to Yahoo!, so you've got to have a free Yahoo account to download it, which really isn't all that much to ask. Sign-up is completely free and you get a new email address that comes preloaded with 100 spam messages for your convenience, as well as the ability to create your own Geocities web page. Nothing says quality like running your small business on Geocities. I estimate Yahoo!'s ability to handle this demo release smoothly somewhere between HA! and peeing myself laughing, so get in early so you can bitch about how long it takes to download the file with more authority than anyone else.

Call of Duty 4 Demo [Yahoo! - Thanks Phil!]


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