Call of Duty 4 PC Demo Out Now

Call of Duty 4 PC Demo Out Now
cod4sas.jpgNo need to sign up to the Yahoos to grab a sampling of Infinity Ward’s modern day FPS. Activision has just sent word that you can download this 1.4GB badboy right now from Internode Games Network and BigPond GameArena. That’s a metric arseload of bytes to get, so start downloading now!


  • Your baltant use of the word “arse” has left me feeling insulted and psycologically violated, Logan.

    P.S sounds like a kick arse game

  • Yay. can i go home early?

    I never really played the CoD games, but seeing previews for this interested me. Have been waiting for the demo.

    Yeah 1.4Gb is a lot, but if you are an internode/GA customer, pfft, free download.

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