Cancelling Manhunt 2 "Never" An Option, Says Producer

cancel_manhunt2.jpgWhen the ESRB passed judgment on Manhunt 2, painting a bright red AO on its bosom, dooming it to release uncertainty, the team at Rockstar Games never considered scrapping the project, says producer Jeronimo Barrera. In a newly published interview with Gamespot, he responds that "The challenge became how we were going to get the game out with the vision and story intact. The problem was that we didn't really get any direction. You don't get a list from the ESRB."

That said, Barrera says the Rockstar gang is "happy with the outcome." Based on the recently released videos of some of the more gruesome executions, the end result doesn't look that bad, considering the concessions that were made at the last minute.

Barrera tells Gamespot that the Manhunt 2 development team was "floored" when the ESRB rating was issued, saying they "still believe that the original submission was well within the bounds of an M rating."

We'll know first hand just how disgusting and demoralizing Manhunt 2 is when it's released next week. Anyone out there picking it up? I was a big fan of the original and plan on snagging the PlayStation 2 version ASAP.

Manhunt 2 Producer Q&A [Gamespot]


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