Capcom Contest Duo Makes Double Jeopardy Fun!

harvey_birdman_contest.jpgThe publisher of intense legal dramas Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney and Harvey Birdman: Attorney At Law is holding a pair of contests that will test your sense of humor while potentially netting you some free goodies. "Goodies?" you respond. Yes, goodies like video games, bobble heads and all sorts of licensed, high-quality crap. The Phoenix Wright competition tests your LOLcats skills at a beginner level, while the Harvey Birdman one issues a bigger challenge, requiring a cut and paste comic strip that knocks the socks of off the Capcom crew.

Full details on each contest are at the official Capcom blog. Good luck and make with the hilarity already.

We're In UR Contest, Judgin' UR Entryz and "What *Really* Happened to Harvey?" Comic Contest [Capcom Unity]


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