Capcom Exec Defends Okami On Wii, Hints At Enhancements

okamishowdown.jpgLots of people happy with the idea of Okami coming to the Wii. Lots. Some, though, expect a little more from the game than just a "direct port". Me, all I'd like is some 16:9 support. That's it! Sadly, some people want more than that, and they're being quite pissy about it, prompting Capcom exec Christian Svensson to make this impassioned plea on Capcom's official boards.

We selected Ready at Dawn to do the port. These guys are all ex-Naughty Dog and ex-Blizzard, and they have already shipped their own titles that have rediculously high review scores and sales (and have more on the way). Their attention to detail and technical prowess is among the best of any team I've ever worked with.

If we wanted a cheap and dirty port, I could have turned around and picked any one of 50 houses and gotten it done for less and perhaps more quickly. Clearly, that wasn't the approach we sought for a variety of reasons (for the fans, for the reputation of our company, for the potential of the product, etc.).

Lastly, if this were a quick cash in, let's face it, there's TONS of other products that had higher sales on other platforms we could have chosen to port, quickly and cheaply. Okami, as great as it was, wasn't a huge seller on PS2 such that it's quick and dirty port would be assured "sales success" on a new platform. We picked a huge game (read: expensive, especially on testing costs), with a ton of moving parts.

So, on the contrary, we have a lot to prove with this game and I know we, and RAD are up to the task. I apologise if I bristle at the accusation that this is a cheap port, but I do.

Given that the only port we've done to date was RE4, which has a 90+ gamerankings score and provided AMAZING value for the platform, has this really been Capcom's modus operendi such that this allegation should be leveled at us? Zack & Wiki is getting better reviews than just about anything you'll see this year on Wii, except possibly Galaxy. Shovelware is not what we do.

As I've said in prior interviews, we're getting the game up and running first. The game is enormous. If after we have everying working correctly, cleanly and as desired so as not to "break" the amazing experience that is Okami, we will worry about potential enhancements. As we are NOT at that point in the process yet, we are loathe to even mention any potential changes or enhancements for fear of disappointing the fans/media.

So for now, if you MUST assume the worst, assume that you will have an amazing 40-60 hour adventure that is one of gaming's most impressive pieces of art to play in fantastic new ways. If you want to hope for the best, well, perhaps we'll have more to say in a few months, but for now we're going to have to ask for your patience.

That's a lot of heart-pouring going on right there. You'll find the highlight in the second-last paragraph, though, where he mentions their phobia of announcing potential changes or enhancements for fear of media backlash. It's OK, Christian, we can take that kind of announcement! In fact, think you'll find a widescreen option will silence pretty much everyone who's not either a greedy sod or certifiably nuts nuts.

Okami - 16:9 Pro Scan? [Capcom USA Forums, via IGN]


    If that guy reads this site, tell him I am happy with a straight port as I never played the original game, and that there are, apparently, millions like me. The people who complained are the sorts of people who own PS2's and so can't be taken seriously anyway.

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