Capcom Teasing Megaton Bombshell News

ryu_sf_iii.jpgPut your hype-proof jackets on, kids, because Capcom is ready to let loose with a number of news "bombshells" starting October 15. As with many gaming announcements, the official bomb drop date is next Monday, but leaks and the occasional Famitsu exclusive might see word from Capcom HQ much much sooner. The hype machine was pumped and primed when Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix producer Rey Jiminez posted on the official Capcom USA blog "Well, I can testify, that what's coming is a megaton bomb!", adding "You will not be dissappointed."

Brian Dunn, also of Capcom, later extended the tease, writing "We have our Gamer's Day event in London next Wednesday (10/17), but there will be announcements and things starting to come up on Monday (10/15) and continuing all week." Dunn also added, somewhat conspicuously, to the comments thread "everyone at Capcom knows all the fans are extremely anxious for a NEW SF game, believe me. That's about all I can say about that..."

Today, the official Capcom blog updated with a very cryptic posting titled "Prepare Yourself" with the following message...

??? ???? ????????????? ???? ??? ????????? ? ????? ? ??????.

??????? ???????? ??? ? ?????!

And, no, that's not a product of shitty international character support on your Windows box, it's just a series of question marks.

Do we really think Street Fighter IV is coming, with an announcement next week? No. Our hearts have been broken by too many rumors, hype threads and machine translated Capcom teaser sites. We can't survive another non-announcement like that.

I wouldn't be surprised if one of those announcements was the revelation that Capcom's Monster Hunter 3 was Wii bound, broken at the Nintendo media conference last night. However, we wait. And we watch. And maybe we'll just pray a little bit that Street Fighter IV is a reality. And maybe I'll buy a lottery ticket this week.

Flying Dictators and their Clones (New Art Inside!!!!) [Capcom Blog]


    I would give my first born for Street Fighter IV. Well, I would, if I could STILL HAVE KIDS after all the radiation from various Street Fighter cabinets had not killed my ability to reproduce.

    So it looks like my skills will die with me. =(

    Here comes a new challenger!

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