Carmack Codes On Honeymoon, And Every Vacation

john_Carmack_working.jpgJohn Carmack is one of those legendary industry legends who is known because he's ubertalented, but even more importantly, ubercrazy. Fellow id vet/wife Anna Kang fills us in on Carmack's exact level of geekdom:

The really funny thing is, for our honeymoon we had to ship two computers to the hotel so that he could work! It's one of the endearing parts about it. He can't be without his computer, because he just loves to code, so he must code every single day!

But this wasn't just an isolated incident.

We were on vacation in Hawaii, and that's where he wrote it. I think it was over the weekend, because we usually don't leave too long. It was like, a four-day extended weekend — we left Friday and came back on Tuesday, or something, and in that weekend, he had done the engine for Doom RPG. He was like, 'here's the engine, go for it!'

I love my Doom manifestations as much as the next guy. But dude, you were in Hawaii, with your wife. There's got to be something to do more fun than programming cellphone engines. Q&A: Fountainhead's Kang Talks Orcs & Elves DS, Wii Possibilities [via sexyvideogameland] [image]


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