Carmen Electra Hosts Guitar Hero Parties Without You

carmen_electra_ghiii.jpgGuess who's playing Guitar Hero III instead of you? Carmen Electra, that's who. The Beverly Hills-based model, actress, author, Def Jam: Fight for New York character, singer and one-time boner source has added Guitar Hero Party Hostess to her curriculum vitae, rocking out against various Dallas Cowboys team members, specifically Tony Romo, over Xbox Live.

That's someone named Chris Balish in the pic above, not, Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo, who happens to be on the receiving end of a Guitar Hero thrashing from Carmen, warranting some victorious knucks, apparently. Funny, one of these private parties seems to be occurring mere miles from my house, yet I've seen not a single e-mail invite from Ms. Electra in my work inbox. Does that seem strange to anyone else?

If you'd like to see a photograph of Carmen humping a Guitar Hero III controller, it's right after the jump.Carmen-Electra-on-Xbox-LIVE.jpg

And, just for proof, here's Tony Romo and his teammates, hopefully standing in front of at least two televisions with playable copies of Guitar Hero III. Notice that again that I am not in this pic. What gives?


Regardless of being shut out from fun video game parties with actresses and professional football players, I'm still taking great comfort that our nation's celebrities have early access to the best video games.


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