Castlevania Movie Gets Its Hurry On

cvania.jpgIn case you're oblivious to what's going on with those other colours of the popular culture rainbow, Hollywood's in a spot of bother at the moment. Al those writers who write movies for Hollywood are about to go on strike. Which gets us two things, both of which are good. One is that the torrent of forgettable romantic comedies and rubbish psychological thrillers may just dry up! The other is that a bunch of movies already in the pipeline are being rushed through, hopefully with disastrous results. One of those is the Castlevania movie. Producer Paul W.S. Anderson:

[I'm]hoping to get a script for it in two or three weeks. And I'm hoping it's great. Sylvain White is directing it, and we're hoping to kind of make it a pre-strike movie. So it kind of shoots in the next couple months.

Gaming adaptations are bad enough, but a rushed one? This should be good. Good as in bad. Bad as in hilarious. Castlevania Gears Up Pre-Strike [Sci-Fi Wire, thanks Dobby!]


    Drawn out movie productions are the worst kind.

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