CDC Games Sues South Korean Company

yulgangsnap1.jpg Well, the Chinese gaming world is certainly turning into a sue-happy place as of late: CDC Games, the same company that has launched an assault on piracy, is now suing South Korean-based MGame Corporation in both South Korea and Hong Kong. Earlier this week, CDC leveled charges at MGame of providing really crappy tech support for Yulgang, a popular MMORPG, and failing to back up CDC in their quest to end piracy; after filing those suits in Hong Kong, CDC moved on to South Korean courts, alleging MGame breached a contract and failed to provide financial data. While MGame hasn't commented on these charges, CDC notes that MGame has terminated their contract with the company, citing non-payment (oops):

Earlier this week, CDC's online gaming unit, CDC Games, sued Mgame in a Hong Kong court claiming Mgame has not been providing adequate technical support for its "Yulgang" online game and that it has not been supporting CDC in its efforts to combat piracy.

CDC Games said Wednesday that Mgame terminated its contract with the company, citing nonpayment. CDC said on Friday its games unit has "continued to make obligatory royalty payments to Mgame for its operation of 'Yulgang,' which continues to operate in China today."

I'm not sure how CDC's status as the largest outside shareholder in MGame ties into all of this, but I do know that even the brief news reports have given me headaches.

CDC Files Another Lawsuit Against Mgame [CNN]


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