To: Ash From: Crecente Re: The Toilet is Where to Study

You know, it's a documented fact that Martin Luther did some of his best work on the "throne" and Chaucer was also known to take some writing paper with him when nature called. I'd make my Feces Thesis joke now, but I think I already used that one with you, so I'll just shut up.

Tristan has a cell phone. This is something that sort of happened by steps. We bought him a Migo, essentially a gimped cell, back in December as a Christmas present. But a month or so ago he lost it. So I told him he had to save up to buy the replacement. Thing is they no longer sell Migos at the place I go to, so he managed to sweet talk the manager into selling him an honest to goodness cell phone for $50. (His lost one was still under contract so that's quite a feat.) I'm able to lock it so he can only make an accept calls from the people I put into his address book.

Earlier today he was sitting on the front doorstep messing around with his phone. I walked up and noticed he was playing a snowboarding game. I proceeded to go off on him for buying a game for his phone without permission... Turns out that the game came pre-loaded on the phone and that he just sort of "figured out" where it was. Man I'm grumpy when I'm sick.

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