Chinese Piracy To Take "Generations" To Fix

piracyouch.jpgChina is a developing world superpower. At the same time, China is notorious worldwide for their IP piracy. Why should you care? As video games grow alongside China, so too will Chinese piracy of video games. Trust us. Chinese IPR chief Tian Lipu has a lot to say defending his country on the matter—that they've been mislabeled, that they're been actively approaching the problem and even that the Chinese are mostly stealing their own content. But then he dropped this little bombshell:

One generation is not enough here. If you ask me, I estimate it will take three to five generations.

Oh, and just to put the billions of lost dollars in perspective, we found this interesting little tidbit:

According to [one]study, estimated revenue losses from software piracy in China increased 39.8 percent from US$3.9 billion in 2005 to US$5.4 billion last year...

That stat is software alone. How much of it is games, we don't know. But if this software (and entertainment) piracy growth continues for a few more generations, things could get very messy for consumers right as companies like Sony are finally considering more open platforms. China anti-piracy battle "will take generations" [reuters] Revenue loss from piracy in Asia up [zdnetasia]


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