Chris Taylor Talks Weepy Gamers

ctaylor_qjpreviewth.jpgYou've heard of Gas Powered Games founder Chris Taylor before from games like Total Annihilation, Supreme Commander and the Dungeon Sieges. And while they're all good game in their own right, none of them are real tear jerkers (other than, possibly, the occasion tears of my opponents as they're crushed...nm, even I can't keep up this full of crap tirade). So when someone like Taylor starts talking teary-eyed gamers, we get interested.

Hollywood has a cry button...That's damn refined art...It's like science. They were in a lab researching it and refining it. It's the science of refining the art and the tools and it'll take us years and years.

But that doesn't mean he's going to stop trying with his upcoming RPG Space Siege...potential spoiler alert:

The first time you play through you're probably going to say 'yes, yes, yes - give me the cybernetics' and you're going to be a hulking cybernetic master...But you're ending's going to reflect that - you'll walk into a room and people will scream and be like 'who the hell is that?! That's the hero?!

Freaking brilliant. It sounds like Too Human, but they get to the point in one game. Can games make you cry? [cvg]


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