Church of England *Finally* Forgives Sony

newdean.jpg After first getting pissed, demanding that Resistance be pulled from stores, asking Japan to join the fight, threatening a lawsuit and insisting that Resistance not be nominated for a British Academy Video Game Award, the Anglican Church has finally forgiven Sony. Keep in mind, this is after Sony apologised to the Church of England and the people of Manchester for using Manchester Cathedral without permission — something that Sony was legally able to do. The Dean of Manchester Cathedral, the Very Reverend Rogers Govender has this very snide comment:

I think some important lessons have been learnt. So we do forgive Sony for what they have done, even though they still believe they have done nothing wrong. In an industry that is breaking new frontiers, it is important that long held traditions of film and television are maintained. These traditions include having courtesy, respecting the dignity of your subject, and admitting when mistakes have been made. In so many ways Sony have failed to live up to these standards by disrespecting people of faith and the victims of gun crime here in Manchester.

Lessons learned? Like what, not accepting apologies and beating a dead horse? In an odd way, Manchester Cathedral even has benefited somewhat from the brouhaha, since visitors to Manchester Cathedral have increased. Church Accepts Apology [BBC, Thanks SPni!]


    I learnt a lesson from all this; Manchester has a gun problem. And here I was thinking it was only their football fans you'd need to fear...

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