Cliffy Goes To Hollywood, Talks Gears Movie Rating

CliffyMovies.jpgDuring the same media open house that brought you our recent Gears of War feature, CliffyB spoke more about the coming Gears of War movie, and more specifically, why the film needs an 'R' rating to work.

My concern is that Hollywood has this love-hate relationship with rated R movies. They go through phases where they're convinced that they can't make a rated R movie that will sell well because it will cut out that whole audience. But any time a new Saw movie or a 300 comes along, it proves them wrong.

As long as it's a good movie, people will pack in the seats. The fact that Gears is an M-rated franchise and involves people getting chainsawed in half, it's got to be a pretty f***ing hardcore movie.

I can't see a faithful Gears movie without an 'R' rating, either. Here's hoping we don't see some last second recutting. And here's hoping even more that the Gears movie is actually good and can break the generally poor critical showing video game movies encounter at the box office.

CliffyB Talks 'Gears' Movie [gamedaily]


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