CliffyB Talks Gears of War PC

cliffychainsaw.jpg No surprises that Gears of War is hitting PCs this November — though, too bad it's hitting them a year after appearing on the Xbox 360. The computer version has five new chapters, more multi-player and the Unreal Editor. Though, game designer CliffyB points out:

Really, a year isn't quite that long to wait for a big console hit like Gears to make its way to the PC. We wanted to establish this brand as a great Xbox title first and foremost and then let PC gamers play - and more importantly modify — the experience... We're not supporting cross-platform play from 360 to PC. It's a great feature to include but ultimately the inclusion would have meant pushing the release date further back and we feel that PC gamers are ready to chainsaw and craft in the Unreal Editor this holiday season!

Alrighty, then! Though, five new chapters? Hopefully that'll explain what the hell is going on with Gears' convoluted story. That thing is a mess. CliffyB Interview [Aeropause]


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