Commenting Borked

ghostmachine.jpgNo, we don't hate you. But apparently the Ghost in the Kotaku Machine does. Over the past week or so the servers apparently gained some form of sentience and become the Kotaku Kollective, arbitrarily banning commenters on its own. Perhaps this new gaming hive mind has a greater plan in store for us, one that mere editors and writers can't fathom. But have no worries—as we speak, gritty techs are working their way through the needless maze of saw blades, flame throwers and pit falls to get to the centre of the servers and "fix" the rebel bug. So, if you've been banned after one or no comments recently, and that comment wasn't something like "not news", there's a good chance that it was Steve (That's what I've decided to call our server.) and he's being dealt with.

Editor's note: This applies to the US site only.


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