Conan and The Simpsons Duelling Demos

simpconan.jpgTwo new demos are ready for your downloading pleasure on an Xbox 360 near you this morning. First we have Nihilistic's Conan, not to be confused with the Funcom MMO Age of Conan, a single-player game that puts you in the furry boots of fantasy's greatest barbarian as he struggles against an elusive evil power, using weapons, wrestling moves, and magic for some god awful reason. If 483MB of blood and gore aren't your thing, try 442MB of fun and frivolity as Homer and Bart team up to take down Lard Lad in The Simpsons Game demo, sure to be chock-full of hilarious sound bytes that quickly become annoying after the third or fourth repeat. Just guessing there, mind you, as the demo is still slowly making it's way over the intertubes to my game box, and the PS3 kids seemed to like it when they got it last week, so who knows? Go forth and judge for yourself.


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