Console Wars Are Still A Four System Battle, At Least

ps22.jpgCrave Entertainment's COO Rob Dyer makes a good point about this holiday season's console battle:

In fact, we see it more of a four consoles, two handhelds market...Christmas will be very strong and we see PS2, Wii and the handhelds leading the way for us.

A family friend of a friend asked my advice on a good console to buy their kids this Christmas that wouldn't cost an arm and a leg—one with lots of kids' titles, too. I responded, the PS2. They thought I was crazy. They meant "next-gen" console, apparently. And by "next-gen," they really meant Wii. So then just buy a flipping Wii like you wanted! But the PS2 is cheap and has a huge, price-reduced library still worth exploring (and still expanding), and chances are that many parents will be keeping their pocketbook in mind this holiday season while picking up PS2s and PS2 titles—especially if Wiis sell out. PS2 still strong in software sales [gamesindustry]


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