Copenhagen eSports Opening Danish Gaming School

copenhagencoatofarms.pngIf you're a Danish youngster who games (and lives in Copenhagen), you could soon have the opportunity to attend a gaming school. I'm not exactly sure where the education part of this all fits in - are we talking extracurricular programs or an entire curriculum focused on gaming? - but after talks with the Korean e-sports organisation KeSPA, the joint project between Copenhagen eSports and a Danish youth group called Ungdomsringen is getting underway:

Copenhagen eSports's Rasmus Pedersen has been working on this project for a while, but has only recently completed it after several meetings with representatives from the Korean E-sports Organisation, KeSPA and Korean games industry executives. These meetings have helped Copenhagen eSports to make their goals clear and to reach them the best way possible. This school will be set up in the Danish capital Copenhagen and will have an area of 500 square metres.

The school will focus on important aspects of gaming, computers and personal development. Example topics that the school will work on are: how to play computer games with common sense, problem solving, how to handle conflicts and teaching how to learn through computers.

There's no scheduled opening date, but I'm curious to see how this pans out - there have been some fairly high profile American proposals for gaming-centered schools that are still in the planning stages. Will this be the start of a new wave of teaching methodology, or will we be reading articles about how it flopped - and how! - in the New York Times in a decade?

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