Crimson Onyx DS Now on Sale Solo


Initially only available as part of a Brain Age 2 bundle, Nintendo today announced that their snazzy two-tone Crimson and Onyx DS Lite is now available in stores on its own for $130.

I had a chance to check out one of these bad boys at Toys R Us over the weekend when I ran into a Kotaku reader looking to scratch his Pokemon itch. The thing is really quite nice. The red has a nice shine to it and the black, at least the back of the DS, was a sort of matte black that you can't really see in photos. Initially I thought the two-tone was a bit ugly, but having seen it in person, it would probably be my first choice if I didn't have a DS Lite already.

Has anyone else noticed that Nintendo has stopped called the DS Lite the DS Lite and now refer to it as just the DS?


    so how goes the dark screen problems that you guys reported for these models a while back?

    Cause if that's gone I'm definitely getting ugly old-style DS needs a replacement and these are very pretty ^_^

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