Croal On The Infantilisation Of Games

manhunt_2_croal.jpgNewsweek's head tech editor N'Gai Croal appeared recently on CNN's "American Morning", bringing some mainstream sanity to the discussion surrounding the impending release of Rockstar's Manhunt 2. While Croal performed admirably, anchor Kiran Chetry did her part to dumb the content down for the CNN viewership's understanding, injecting the proper amount of basic cable news fear-mongering we've come to expect. Fortunately, N'Gai addressed the notion that our children will be going to hell in a handbasket if they perform a Wii-mote style stealth kill.

As the Level Up editor clearly pointed out to Chetry and the viewers, Manhunt 2 is not for kids and rated by the ESRB accordingly. But why is this even an issue? Are CNN and its TV peers that out of touch when it comes to understanding the gaming population?

Croal explores the "infantilisation" of video games in a recent posting, venting his personal frustrations (that match ours quite nicely) on the general assumption that video games are, across the board, entertainment for kids. Read on, then please discuss.

The Problem (and the Danger) of the Continued Infantilisation of Videogames, Part I [Level Up]


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