CSI: Second Life

csisl.jpgNext week's (Oct. 24th) episode of CSI: New York sees Gary Sinise's character pursue a suspect into a place that could drive even the most hard-nosed detective mad: Second Life. Teaming up with virtual content creators The Electric Sheep Company, special areas were created within SL for Mac Taylor's avatar to investigate, which will be carried over into the CSI: NY Virtual Experience, allowing fans of the show to create avatars and solve crimes of their own, leading up to the second part of the episode that will air February 6th. Electric Sheep are even creating a special, easier-to-use interface for Second Life so less computer savvy fans of the show have a chance at getting anything done in the game whatsoever. Virtual worlds are getting a lot of crime show attention lately. A few weeks back Law and Order: SVU featured a Second Life lookalike program in the episode 'Avatar'.

First Life Meets Second [Tuneup Talk via Game Politics]


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