Dallas Snell on NCSoft's Future Direction

dungeonrunnersconcept.jpg Free to Play has an interview up with NCSoft's "Director of Business Development", Dallas Snell, on Dungeon Runners, the free to play model, and NCSoft's future direction. The main topic is Dungeon Runners, as it's one of the few games in the NCSoft lineup that has a free to play component (and the subscription aspect may be scrapped in the future). But they're not just looking a subscription models and how to revamp them - they're contemplating grander things:

Further to NCSoft's recently announced plans to release free to play content on the Sony network, Dallas talked about his company's goal of becoming "device agnostic" in order to break down the segregation of gamers between platforms. NCsoft plans to build their own cross-platform community service, with friends lists, inter-game messaging, and other features similar to Xbox Live. NCsoft also intends to release desktop, facebook and mobile widgets to extend gamers' experience.

Snell has some other interesting thoughts - retail may become extinct in the next decade? - and it's an interesting short-ish interview well worth a read through.

Dallas Snell Talks Dungeon Runners, Free to Play and NCsoft 2.0 [Free to Play]


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