Dangerous High School Girls in Trouble!

dangeroushighschoolgirls.jpgSpeaking of the Independent Games Festival, after finding my way to the Mousechief website via Sexy Videogameland, I took Dangerous High School Girls in Trouble! (a current entry in the IGF 2007 lineup) for a spin. It's clever, it's sassy, it's smart - and a game that is full of girls that "ISN'T about courage, friendship, trust and the joy of discovery. It's more like survival of the sassiest." It's a quality entry - and a lot fun for a low(er)-key (mostly) casual game that is actually doing something new (I also don't think I've even seen a typical casual game with such a wicked sense of humour). Check out the full release after the jump.

Mousechief Co. announces its next, innovative game of industry defying mischief, "Dangerous High School Girls in Trouble!"

Here's the crux: 1. First RPG of literary, social satire. 2. Re-imagined combat systems are the heart a new kind of RPG: Taunt, Fib, Flirt, Expose Secrets, and Gambit. Mix in branching dialogue, powerful prizes, and stat levelling for complete RPG nutrition. 3. Build a party of adventurers from high school girls inspired by classic cinema divas: Mae West, Marlena Dietrich, Myrna Loy, Barbara Stanwyck, Clara Bow, etc.... Unleash them upon the intolerant and hypocritical elders of their hometown. Flush out Brigiton's absurd secrets and crazy power-brokers. Win, use, and discard a dozen boyfriends along the way (or keep some around for pleasure). 4. Set in 1920s small town USA, your girls begin by making a pet project of their school's new maintenance man. They first expose his crimes and then fight to save him from the gallows. The full epic pits 'girl-rilla' subversion against cultural tyranny. It's "Planescape: Torment" meets "Peyton Place" as if told by Sinclair Lewis. 5. The world is presented as a beautiful but vintage board game. Battle from the halls of their high school, through downtown businesses, across suburb streets, to wilds beyond city limits. It's the parlour game your great-grandmother will deny ever playing. 6. Designed for folks who love RPGs and for advanced, casual gamers. 7. This is the game with girls that ISN'T about courage, friendship, trust and the joy of discovery. It's more like survival of the sassiest. "Dangerous High School Girls in Trouble!" is an industry breakthrough. It exemplifies gameplay suited to genres of fiction where conflict is not bloody. It has fine production values for its miniscule budget. It's filled with terrific artwork, real music from the 1920s, a story of epic satire, and gameplay that will make your ancestors blush. Rated: TEEN, using the T.I.G.R.S. rating system.

A demo of "Dangerous High School Girls in Trouble!" is now available at the Mousechief.com website, just in time for the Independent Game Festival.


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