Darkness Within - "Things Man Was Not Meant To Click At"

darknesswithinphone.jpg Back in September, Fahey mentioned Lighthouse Interactive's PC adventure game Darkness Within: In Pursuit of Loath Nolder (pretty pictures included!), and now the nice people at Rock, Paper, Shotgun have taken the demo for a spin. You can get your own copy over at the official website. It doesn't sound like the demo gives a very good impression of the game, though I guess demos frequently don't:

We have no idea what we're meant to be doing or what we're meant to be achieving, so we resort to blind pointing and clicking and spinning in circles (At which point we note there's no bloody door into this room where we start, which spooks us pretty bad.). Through this we ascertain several things - that many objects are "interesting", without really giving any other reason why (And entirely unpick-up-able) and many labels are smudged. Papers? Can't tell the date. Bottles? Unreadable label and can't make out what it is (Clue: Looks like booze to me). Windows? Too dirty to see through.

There's not much to do. The full game apparently features some kind of Thinking Screen, which allows you to combine and mess around with objects, except that's not functional in the demo. Which strikes me a bit of a bad idea to not allow you to play around with one of the game's selling-points in the demo, much like giving a level of GTA where you weren't allowed to run over people or something.

Like so many blog posts, the comments are nearly as entertaining as the post itself. On the problems of staircases: "You know, it kind of dawned on me now - staircases are one of gaming's best, unsung archnemesis. As far back as I can recall, staircases have nearly always contributed to gamer frustration and prevented him from achieving success." In any case, if you're interested in an HP Lovecraft-inspired, point and click, adventure-horror PC game, you may want to take a look.

Things Man Was Not Meant To Click At [Rock, Paper, Shotgun]


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