Dead or Alive Jubblies Plundered for CD

2007-10-04-203.jpgHey, I've seen those clothes before. That's Kasumi from Tecmo fighter Dead or Alive. Doujin circle C-CUBE put out a game, this non-Tecmo NSFW game, during the past and have also released a CD of "100 simulations of boob action voice" as well as 14 of the game's songs. What does those "boob action voice" simulations sound like? Dunno! But here's a sample:



Dyuuuuu, jyuuchuu


So sexy! Of course, these are uttering during various "simulations" like squeezing, biting and poking. For those who haven't had enough (and who has really?), the CD's backside is right after this.2007-10-04-206.jpg DoA Sex Game Music [Akiba Blog]


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