Design A Perk And Do Bethesda’s Work For Them!

Design A Perk And Do Bethesda’s Work For Them!

There’s a post up at the official Bethesda Blog by their PR guy, Pete Hines, announcing a competition where fans can design their own perks for Fallout 3, the developer’s upcoming RPG based on the popular Interplay franchise (well, until Interplay sold it, that is).

It’s all part of Bethesda’s celebration of the 10th anniversary of Fallout. You know, the anniversary that No Mutants Allowed did a pretty smashing job of celebrating already.

If you think you’ve an idea as awesome as Bloody Mess, Pack Rat or my personal favourite, Kama Sutra Master, then write it up and send it in to them. And demand payment if it gets accepted… or the cake pictured above (which I was lucky enough to see in the flesh/icing earlier this year – through a haze of appletinis).

Happy Birthday Fallout! Who Wants Cake? Fallout Perk Contest Announced [Bethesda Blog, via GameSpy]

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