Details, Shots Of New Prince Of Persia Game?

newpop.jpgNo idea who's behind Surfer Girl Review, but they're on a roll right now so we're just gonna roll with them. They're claiming that this is a screen from a new Prince of Persia game, which is planned as the first in a new trilogy. Looks nice (if it's the Wii version), but the best news comes in what's happened to the game design: according to the mysterious tipster, the new trilogy will ditch the awful "dark" tone of the last two games and is instead a "fantastical cross between The Sands of Time, Ico and Zelda". That is how you excite people with a single sentence. Of course not an ounce of this is confirmed, but if it does turn out to be legit, expect it late next year on PS3, Wii, 360 and PC. Exclusive: Prince of Persia 4 screens and information [Surfer Girl Reviews Star Wars]


    I would fellate God himself on his pearly throne if this were true. I've been saying for ages the magic of the first game was it's storytelling, the faerytale like atmosphere. If they can get that back, then hot damn.

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