Developers Make PS3 Look Bad, We Don't

i_nose_pick.jpgJust a quick note to our lovely readers (mostly the fanboy segment) after I posted this bad PlayStation 3 screenshot from Lost Planet yesterday. When we complain about bad ports—something notoriously affiliated with the PS3—why would that mean we're coming down hard on the PS3? On the contrary, because we believe the PS3 is difficult to program for but plenty powerful, we (but mostly I) hate to see bad versions of games come to the system. It screws PS3 owners who are paying full retail price for a game that's often already had a price drop on other systems.

Ultimately, it's developers on a budget (be it time or money) that are making the PS3 unable to play ported Xbox 360 games as well as the Xbox 360. It's a development industry doing what they can to make money using development models from 10 years ago, when they clearly no longer apply. Could Sony have minimized such problems by designing a platform more like the PC or Xbox 360? Sure. Should they have? Who knows? But fanboys, please, please cool your jets. If no one calls out the bad ports, then companies will just keep sweeping them under the rug and you will keep buying them, helplessly trapped by your pocketbook or meaningless brand loyalties to own one console.

A true PS3/360/Wii fanboy should be complaining louder than anyone else when a bad game hits their console. Never be insulted by talk; be insulted by the guy stealing your money.


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