Diablo 3 Talk From Blizzard's Ex

d3-box-mock_qjpreviewth.jpgIn an "If I Did It" type of hypothetical exploration, ex-Blizzard ex-Diablo designer Bill Roper drops his focus on Hellgate: London and talks about the difficulties in designing Diablo 3 to be everything the fans dream it will be.

I think with Diablo, for example, the camera angle is a big part of it. I think with the Diablo series there is a level of expectation about only using the mouse to move.

To be honest, the way that Blizzard is approaching StarCraft II is really smart. They're saying, 'OK, what do the millions of StarCraft fans very specifically want from a StarCraft experience? Great, well that's what we're going to give them.

As a moderate StarCraft fan, I have to agree that Blizzard nailed the feel of the game and provided all the upgraded sheen I'd hoped for. But with the Diablo franchise, it's more probable that Blizzard is feeling bigger pressure (internal or external) to completely revamp and ditch the isometric design—one of the very things that makes Diablo feel like Diablo. I don't want to say I'm outright against the idea, but Diablo 2 with more classes and better graphics doesn't sound like the absolute worst thing in the world, either.

Bill Roper: What I'd do with Diablo 3 [cvg]


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