Did You Win Project Joystick?

Did You Win Project Joystick?

dung.jpgThe answer to that question is “Yes”, but only if your name is Sherele Moody. The 36-year old (or 33 if you go by the GameArena release), stunned the judges of Telstra’s Project Joystick competition with her dung beetle Dudley and his never-ending quest to roll up giant balls of crap. Because that’s what dung beetles do.

But is it what gamers do? For me, the answer is “No”.

Project Joystick was launched earlier this year, calling out to creative minds the country over to send in their game ideas, with the promise that the best entry would be commissioned to a developer and made.

As such, Melbourne-based Firemint has the honour of bringing Sherele’s idea to life. Going by their list of games on their website, Firemint is predominantly a mobile phone/handheld studio, making the Project Joystick title their first PC game.

Are they excited by the idea? No, they’re thrilled as well!

Firemint’s CEO Rob Murray said: “We’re thrilled to be part of this innovative competition and excited to be working with Sherele to bring her game idea to life.”

If I was Rob, I’d be smashing my head against a wall right now. But that’s me.

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  • The statement that Firemint will be working with Sherele is misleading.

    The winner receives $10k or $20k worth of prizes, and doesn’t have anything further to do with the development of the game.

    The $1 million may or may not be invested to make the game.

    Also, Tesltra owns the right to the other top 9 entries, and may make games from those concepts without further input from the contestants.

    To me this comp stinks, but thats just my opinion. This has also been debated on various Australian gaming websites.

  • I certainly wouldn’t want to give Telstra free access to my game ideas.

    The competition was terrible – it sounded like a good idea, but the terms were terrible.

    If this Katamari rip-off actually makes a profit Sherele won’t see a cent other than the relative pittance of a prize will she?

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