Digital Life Gaming Show Winners


Ziff Davis' DigitalLife show is all over, but the awards were just announced today. Among the dozen award winners were two gaming standouts: Guitar Hero III in the Game category and HP Blackbird 002 in the Gaming Hardware category.

Hit the jump for the short break down of why the PC Magazine editors, led by Editor-in-Chief, Lance Ulanoff, picked these two as the top in gaming. CATEGORY: Game Winner: Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock Company: Activision, The latest version of this interactive music game features a slew of new songs and an update on the guitar hardware. Any skeptics were quieted after visiting the boisterous GH booth at DigitalLife and witnessing aspiring rockers of all ages jamming out with a smile.

CATEGORY: Gaming Hardware Winner: HP Blackbird 002 Company: Hewlett-Packard, The first foray into the gaming market since acquiring Voodoo, HP hit the ground running with the Blackbird. This top-of-the-line system will make any gamer drool with dual NVIDIA graphics cards, 2GB of RAM, liquid cooling, and a super-cool black case design with a bottom platform stand for ventilation. The chassis is tool-free and highly customisable with lots of spare bays for expansion.


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