Dojo Dump: Deja Vu Edition

dedede_dump.jpgThe week in Super Smash Bros. Brawl news wasn't full of bombshell announcements, but it did see some rather curious revelations. From the appearance of King Dedede from the Kirby series and the inclusion of a Nintendo DS themed stage, the week was full of low-key, but high-interest news for fans. You may recognise many of these Dojo Dump items from throughout the week, but a refresher won't hurt will it? One warning, though. This week's Zero Suit Samus pic count is a depressing zero.

We'll find a way to soldier on. To the Dump with you!Monday: A PictoChat stage is added to the line up Tuesday: Donkey Kong makes a stand against banana thieves in video form. He's my hero. Wednesday: Another aspect of the Stadium, the Target Smash is detailed. The replay function is also revealed. Thursday: King Dedede joins the cast of Brawl! Finally! Wait... who? Friday: King Dedede's got some special moves, apparently.


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