Dojo Dump: Pork 'n' Peach

samus_lil_mac.jpgThis week's updates to the Smash Bros. Dojo won't blow you away (no new Zero Suit Samus pics), as its strictly for the hardcore fans. A Mother stage, a new assist trophy and a handful of practical updates make for a rather dry Dojo Dump. I'm starting to wonder how many updates Sakurai and crew will be able to squeeze out of the game now that it's shipping three months later. Hopefully, they have some Zero Suit Samus wallpapers tucked away...

Just think, if you were at E For All right now, you could be playing this game instead of all this icky reading. What's new in the world of Super Smash Bros. Brawl? All this stuff!Monday: A new stage in New Pork City, courtesy of Mother 3, joins the line up. Tuesday: One of the Stadium features, the Home Run Contest, features Mario abusing a sandbag. Plenty of sandbag beating modes await you. Wednesday: Meowth one of the expected Poké Balls appears alongside a tutorial on how to use the Wii Remote. Thursday: Little Mac is back! The underdog Punch Out!! star is just an Assist Trophy, sadly. Friday: Peach's peachy Final Smash is officially detailed.


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