Dojo Dump: Snaaaaaaaaaaake!

samus_vs_snake.jpgNot sure if I've confessed this before, but I've never really sat down and played a Smash Bros. game. It's true. My only experience with the series has been a handful of hours with the Nintendo 64 original, Super Smash Bros. Just never really got around to it, as I perceived, with great snobbery, the fighting games I did enjoy, Soul Calibur, Street Fighter, as genuine, worthwhile fighters, with Powerstone my fighting guilty pleasure.

This week's series of Super Smash Bros. Brawl updates, however, have made the Wii iteration a day one purchase. Snake's profile and the Shadow Moses Island stage update have sealed the deal. Read on, if you're only keeping up with the weekly Dojo Dump wrap up. It's worth it.Monday: Mother fans, your Lucas is here. Tuesday: The best ad campaign for Metal Gear Solid 4, the hero's inclusion in SSBB, is solidified by Snake's fighter profile and the Shadow Moses Island stage update. Do not miss the latter of the two. Wednesday: Hey! Excitebike! A fantastic assist trophy. Thursday: Fox's Final Smash is detailed and Shielding & Dodging is discussed. Please note: Zero Suit Samus pics! Friday: Team is just another word for co-op adventure mode play.


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