Dojo Dump: Sonic

dojo_dump_zss.jpgA record week for the Smash Bros. Dojo, with nine action packed updates, including one that confirms months of speculation and should finally settle ages old Genesis versus Super Nintendo debates. On top of that, the number of pictures of Zero Suit Samus added to the Dojo requires your busy hand to count. Having spent a few hours with Super Smash Bros. Brawl in San Francisco over the past two days, I realized wrapping up the weekly Dojo updates has taught me a lot about the game.

The Dojo Dump is right after this.

Monday: Zero Suit Samus shows off her Special Moves. Can I play as Zero Suit Samus without having to do a Final Smash?!
Tuesday: Ashley's Theme music from WarioWare and Kirby's Final Smash are the calm before the storm.
Wednesday: Not sure if you heard but Sonic is in Brawl. Two movies prove it.
Thursday: Even more Sonic details as his Special Moves are revealed.
Friday: Dojo give specifics on taking snapshots with a quick E For All and launch date update.


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