Downloadable Games Haven't Had Blair Witch Moment

sjff_01_img0066.jpg Downloadable games get no respect. Ask God of War creator David Jaffe. He's currently shifted his focus from huge titles like GoW to smaller games like Calling All Cars. And there's a difference between those big games and small games. And that difference is... Let's let Jaffe explain:

You know, these smaller games are interesting. They sort of merit an appreciative nod at worst and like you said, a grassroots fan base at best. But there hasn't been a game on either system yet that I think has really been able to compete with the noise of big games like say Grand Turismo or Heavenly Sword or God of War or whatever. And so I think until that happens, until we as the makers and creators of smaller games are able to find a way to bust through the noise of the bigger games, then that will continue to happen. Looking at the movies, you rarely hear about an independent film over the roar of the big summer movies. But every now and then an indie film is so good and so compelling and so interesting that it does become what people are talking about, and that is the thing that gets the push and the cover of Entertainment Weekly, when "Blair Witch" gets on there or something like that.

Jaffe's totally right. There have been some smaller games that have raised interest like Geometry Wars, but we're still waiting for that Blair Witch moment. You know, where they dominate the sales charts and capture the public imagination. Jaffe Part III [Level Up]


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