Dress Up in Bandages, Win Dementium

toiletpaper.jpg Contest time! Again! This time we are giving a copy of first-person-shooter Dementium: The Ward for the DS. No, strike that. This time, you have a chance to win a copy of Dementium: The Ward. How? Since Halloween is fast approaching, we're doing a cosplay contest. Not just any cosplay contest! That's boring. We're doing a bandage cosplay contest. Meaning? If you have toilet paper, you can enter. If you have band-aids, you can enter. Just cover yourself in bandage, and you are good to go. YES, IT'S THAT SIMPLE. The deadline for the contest is October 23rd. Send your entries to kotakucontestATgmailDOTcom. And remember, you aren't just playing for a DS game. Oh, no. You are playing for INTERNET FAME. Tally ho! Dementium [Official Site]


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