Drunk Driving The Video Game

drunkdrivers.jpgEver since Atari released Night Driver, gamers have been looking forward to what we expected was the natural progression of the title. Unfortunately we never got Drunk Driver, but a team of fine arts students at the University of Calgary have come up with a reasonable facsimile. "The Booze Cruise", the end result of over ten months of work from the students, is a PC game that simulates driving with a blood alcohol percentage three times the legal limit. With blurry vision, you have to drive home in 90 seconds without killing anyone. I hope there's more to it than just blurred vision, or it could very well be called "Driving Home From The Eye Doctor After Being Dilated Without Wearing Those Silly Plastic Sunglasses Cruise", which is entirely too long a title for a student project. Police plan to use the game as a teaching tool, while students plan to giggle while they crash into people, places, and things. Students develop drunk driving video game [Canada.com] Image courtesy of CanWest News Service


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