E For 18,000

E For 18,000

eforalllogoblack.jpgDespite some doom sayers *hides* and a Friday evening blackout, IDG Worldwide reports that over 18,000 gamers showed up for the inaugural E for All Expo, calling the event a resounding success. Despite the lack of some major names in the gaming industry, it turns out that a gaming convention is, at it’s heart, a gaming convention, and gamers love that sort of stuff. Despite hoping for a turnout closer to 20-30K as stated in a GameDaily interview, CEO Mary Dolaher was pleased.

“We are thrilled with the attendance, and we are pleased that we delivered the event we aimed for, which was a celebration that truly was for the entire game community,” offered CEO Mary Dolaher.

Due to the overwhelming response, the Expo is definitely on for next year, where it could face some stiff competition as the show moves to August, around the same time as the next Penny Arcade Expo. Good luck with that.

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