E For All A Success In Terms of Candy

pacman_lollis.jpgE For All may have been a bit of a dud for the enthusiast press attendee, as I had personally spent time with over 90% of the software on hand at previous events, but in terms of Pac-Man themed candy? E For All was a blockbuster hit. After a harrowing experience at the show's "press hospitality suite" in which I was horrified to discover that not a single bartender or Thai masseuse was on staff, I realised it wasn't a total loss. Pac-man lollipops! Yes, please! I uttered the Kotaku battlecry—"This is a post!"—upon finding these, a welcome, sweet oasis when my bloodsugar was at its lowest. Thank you, Namco Bandai Games, for your fabulous candy on a stick.


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