E For All Ends Early With Blackout

e4a_blackout.jpgAt approximatley 7:10 PM on Friday evening, the E For All expo came to a close, abruptly and unintentionally. While the gathered masses, quite thin at this late hour, were still busying themselves watching Jonathan "Fatal1ty" Wendel play Quake IV, enjoying The Orange Box and Super Mario Galaxy, they were surprised to see... blackness. A power outage on the right half of South Hall, encompassing the Nintendo and EA booths—arguably two-thirds of the show—made the last hour of the show a dark affair. Staff escorted gamers out for their own safety, largely wrapping up the show for the night.

It's not the first time this has happened at the Los Angeles Convention Center. Multiple E3s had power failures, resulting in blazing hot temperatures and very boring booths. This one just happened to be surprisingly timely.


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