E For All Missing The “All”

E For All Missing The “All”

e_for_all_lobby.jpgPulling into the Los Angeles Convention Center this morning, ready to bask in the wonder of the E For All Expo, I was pleasantly surprised at the ease with which I could park. Walking into the convention centre lobby, pictured above, I was concerned that I’d come on the wrong day. E For All is, by no means, packed. There’s plenty of room to spread out, with exhibitors taking up only a portion of the location’s South Hall, an estimated 20% of the space simply curtained off with expansive booths looking like ghost towns. Most gamers flocked to Nintendo’s and Konami’s booths, with the Rock Band stage sadly tucked away from the crowds.

Around 3 PM, when those who hadn’t pre-registered for the event were permitted to enter, crowds grew by about a third, but there was virtually no waiting to get on most games. More pics of the action after the jump.rock_band_e4a.jpg

Rock Band, near the arse end of South Hall, was the E For All resource for listening to “Dead or Alive” fifty times in succession.


Nintendo’s booth drew the biggest crowd, featuring unreleased games like Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Link’s Crossbow Training and Super Mario Galaxy.


Grabbing a bite to eat? Easy! Just look for the wide open space.


EA’s booth was heavily populated, too. The Simpsons Game, Team Fortress 2 and NFL Tour saw some interest from attendees.

Granted, it’s Thursday, and many of the gamers who might be interested in hitting up E For All may not be able to make it down until the weekend, but first impressions of public interest in the event isn’t fantastic. We could very well be looking at the first, and the last, E For All Expo. No one will mistake this event for the “new E3”.

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