EA Layoffs Confirmed As "Somewhat Routine"

spacely_mad.jpgDestructoid recently got their hands on an email from Mythic VP Rob Denton in which he explained that there would be restructuring within EA's Mythic and their Redwood Shores studio. It specifically stated that:

...every studio, group and division of the company has been tasked to review its overall headcount and adjust its organisation to meet the needs of the business moving forward.

We got in touch with an EA spokesperson on the matter and here was what they had to say on the matter:

This was a small and somewhat routine event for this time of year when many of our titles are finished and being shipped. The action included small numbers of people across studio, publishing and corporate divisions.

It's certainly true the non-essential personnel are often cut between projects, but without exact numbers it's tough to tell whether or not these layoffs are more expansive than your general, part-time college student game tester variety.

Restructuring, layoffs forthcoming at EA, Mythic Studios [destructoid]


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