EA Not Planning SKATE DLC

EAskate_003.jpgEA producer Scott Blackwood recently told EGM that they never planned to make downloadable content for SKATE.

We didn't want to go back and ask [people]for more money to get more shoes and shirts...That's not how we wanted to enter this market.

It's a classy statement from the makers of a new franchise that's in the often criticized clutches of EA. But now we're left confused, wanting DLC, the prospect of future expansions, the hope of more. Yes, it's hypocritical. Yes, we've been brainwashed. Or maybe it's because what gamers really desire is unplanned DLC...if such a thing could ever exist in this market, which it probably couldn't. So never mind. Carry on.

EA has no plans for SKATE Downloadable Content [xboxdomain]


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