Efron Dating Master Chief?

efron.jpg Not content to break the fictitious news that the Master Chief is dating a Hollywood star, satire site Dateline Hollywood also "reports" that the big MC is gay.

The site says that MC was seen hanging out with High School Musical star Zac Efron during the Universal City launch of Halo 3 last week and points to the widely spread images of the duo as proof of their hot story.

Not everyone is surprised, though, particularly those who have fought Master Chief in battle.

"He's a great warrior, but frankly, I started to get suspicious when he kept wanting to 'cover my rear' during our recent battle to prevent the covenant from setting off the Halo rings and destroying the universe," said the Arbiter, an alien who fought alongside Master Chief in "Halo 3."

Added Cortana, a female artificial intelligence who was once implanted in Master Chief's helmet: "I've been saying that Master Chief is a huge f*g for years, but no one believed me."

Cortana, who was not invited to the "Halo 3″ premiere event, ended up crashing the party.

"I'm pretty sure I heard Master Chief tell Zac he'd like to get his hands on his Covenant-held Forerunner structure," she said. "We all know what that means."

Ooooh, hoo, ho, ho, but don't we... wait, what does it mean again?

Zac Efron Rumored to be Dating Master Chief [Dateline Hollywood]


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