Emo Hunks Want To Play Halo 3 With You

falloutboy_gwf.jpgYour dream of slinging racial barbs and calling into question the sexual preferences of emo pop-rock outfit Fall Out Boy via Xbox Live come true this Friday. The latest in the series of Microsoft's "Game With Fame" events sees Andy Hurley and Joe Trohman of Fall Out Boy sitting in on a Halo 3 gaming session from 4 PM to 6 PM Eastern time. They may be the eye make up wearing one and the chubby one in front, but I'm really not sure and I'm reserving that brain space for Foghat lyrics.

Crap, there it is. Pete Wentz is the one in front nearing a nip slip, so it's not him. Fall Out Boy fans will surely know who these kids are by name, but will get intimate first hand knowledge of their skill with a Spartan Laser this Friday. Just look for FallOutBoyAndy and FallOutBoyJoe, then make with the fragging.

Play Halo 3 with Fall Out Boy [Xbox.com]


    I think fragging some emo kids would be fun... but I couldn't put up with all the crying every time I fragged them, and their camping in dark corners... :P

    Patrick is the other fulla in the front, so it's the boring boys in the back that no one cares about that'll be playing Halo...

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